[Windows10] Resetting the administrator password

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[Windows10] Resetting the administrator password

I was asked how to open the administrator session on a Windows10 computer whose owner is no longer in this world. I am not a hacker but I know how to use search engines. In this case, it was enough to type a few keywords in the search engine of Google to have the answer... It is still necessary to know how to make the right requests to Google... For those who are not seasoned, I put the solution here... It can still be useful if you have forgotten your administrator password...

To reset the "administrator" password, there are several effective ways to do it. In any case, it is necessary to start on a system other than that which is installed on the disk.

Reminder of the author of the video:

[EN] "This video is for educational purpose and does not support any kind of unauthorised access to any one's computer. Abide by law. Read the cyber law of your contry before watching this video. If you continue to watch means you accepts cyber laws of your respective country and will not misuse you knoledge."

Like the author, I decline any responsibility in case of misuse on your machines. I relays only the information that, if followed correctly, will allow you to solve your problem without having to pay a shield to the local computer scientist who will tell you, perhaps, that there is no other solution than to reinstall the system, and thus lose all the files that are on the hard drive.

Indeed, I remember one of the computer technicians (a guy who wanted to be nice) of the company where I worked at the time, when I lived in the sector of Luxembourg. He had been unable to repair his own personal computer (while his job was, precisely, to troubleshoot the company's computers) and had gone to a small local computer shop, to get help from (supposedly) technicians who were, obviously, even less talented than him. In the end, they reformatted the hard drive and they lost all the personal files. In addition, it cost a bundle of money to the customer who, after the fact, had confessed his misadventure to us, the IT administrators of the company. To avoid this, and failing to know a good computer scientist, practice doing effective research on the Internet because, so you will find easily and quickly, solutions offered by people who share their knowledge, gracefully moreover.

Thus, to reset the administrator account under Windows10, there are mainly two solutions:

1. The first solution works with a USB key on which one installs a linux system with a tool to act directly in the registry of Windows. All this is included in an ISO file that just download to copy files on a USB drive that makes "bootable" (for "geeks") through a simple command. All this is clearly indicated on the site of the author of the tool which here is the link: "Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor"



2. The second solution is to use the Windows10 installation CD (ISO downloadable from the Microsoft website). Probably, this solution is preferable to the first because it does not require any third party tool, only the official CDROM of Microsoft. Rest assured, it is not a question of formatting the disk: only reset the password of the "administrator" account, which was created during the initial installation of the computer.


This is a trick that already worked with previous versions of WINDOWS: the modification of the function of a visible ergonomics button when entering login credentials.

To easily understand the manipulation, just take note of the information contained in the two following links:


Method 1: active "administrator" account



Summary of operations (see CNET article for details):

  1. Start the computer from the MICROSOFT WINDOWS10 CDROM
  2. Click on "Repair Computer" (DO NOT CLICK ON "INSTALL NOW").
  3. Rename the file that is executed by the magnifying glass button (to run the command file instead)
    • c: \ windows \ system32> ren magnify.exe magnify.old (rename of the initial file)
    • c: \ windows \ system32> copy cmd.exe magnify.exe (copy of the command file for access from the magnifying glass)
  4. Restart the computer in normal mode (on the hard disk)
  5. When the password entry window appears, click on the magnifying glass to display a DOS window (since this button no longer launches "magnify.exe" but "cmd.exe"):
  6. In the DOS window, enter:
    • c: \ windows \ system32> net user administrator / active: yes (activation of the "administrator" account)
  7. Restart the computer: The administrator account is accessible and the session opens (no password). From there, you can do anything you want, such as creating another account with the rights "administrators".
  8. Then, put everything back in place by typing the following commands in a DOS window:
    • cd c: \ windows \ system32
    • del magnify.exe
    • ren magnify.old magnify.exe (Restoring the magnifying glass)
    • net user administrator / active: no (Disabling the "administrator" account)


Method1: Reset the user's password


Summary of operations (see the video on YOUTUBE for details):

  1. Start the system using the Windows10 CDROM
  2. Open a DOS window with the CTRL + F10 keys and type the following commands:
    • diskpart (disk manager)
    • list volume (to know on which volume is installed the system: here it is the disk "D")
    • d: (access to the drive where the system is installed)
    • cd windows (system directory)
    • cd system32 (directory where the files to be modified are located)
    • copy utilman.exe utilman1.exe
    • copy cmd.exe cmd1.exe
    • del utilman.exe
    • ren cmd.exe utilman.exe
  3. Eject the CDROM
  4. Restart the computer in normal mode (on the hard disk)
  5. Click on the following symbol:
  6. When the DOS window appears, enter:
    • control userpasswords2
  7. The account manager appears.
  8. Click on the account concerned (here "Nitin")
  9. Click on the "Reset password" button
  10. Enter a new password
  11. Close the DOS window (cross at the top right)
  12. In the login window, enter the password you entered in step 12
  13. tadaaaa!
  14. As for Method 1, put everything in its place by renaming the files modified in Step 2.



Nota bene:

In our case, the computer was LENOVO IDEAPAD 320.



For all intents and purposes, I specify that this type of computer has a direct start menu, via a special key which is on the side of the machine, marked with the following logo:

[WINDOWS10] Reset password administrator

Some models do not have this button. There is only a small hole in which to insert a paper clip:



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