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Spam Protection

On the Internet, anyone can be the victim of spam or scams. Some crooks are so stubborn that even the most cautious Internet users can be fooled. We must remain on our guard, always.

Here are some examples of scams attempts:



As you can tell from the topic your mail account was jeopardized. You can additionally see i have mailed you this mail from your own private mail account. Read this COMPLETE message and i will inform you what action to take.
Some time ago you checked out some mature sites. On one of these sites i set up a backdoor and your device was contaminated by it. As an example, i know one of several online passwords you utilized was actually "56VmGlXTi". I've got entrance to all your contacts, your mail accounts, your data, and so on.
It is not important how many times you adjust your security passwords, i will continually posses access to your system using my backdoor. Every now and then i also triggered your cam and taped some pleasant video clips of you whilst you "pleased your self" enjoying mature contents. I have additionally saved all the documents from your system and saved all your contacts.
I could possibly deliver all the unpleasant video i posses to each of your contacts and e-mail contacts however i'm going to offer you a way out so keep on reading and discover how to avoid this.

Throughout these holiday breaks I suppose that you do not want me to deliver the "very exposing" video i posses of you to all of your contacts, friends and family. Picture the shame!

For my secretiveness i need you to transfer $800 in BITCOINS to my address: 13xvyAgeKTkKLY9w9FD2HAqdgCHxztexSi (copy/paste this, it is case sensitive)
If you do not know how to utilize BITCOINS, browse google, it is a piece of cake and you can purchase them on loads of sites utilizing your debit or credit card.

When you opened up this mail my setup initiated a timer, starting now you posses eight hrs to generate this transaction. My setup will observe the BITCOIN address i gave you for any transactions. If it does arrive in time all the information i posses on you will be removed, the backdoor on your device will kill itself and you will never ever hear from me again. If the transfer does NOT arrive in time my setup will instantly deliver the "exposing" clips i posses of you to ALL your contacts, friends and family members. Moreover, your device will be locked up and you will never ever have the ability to utilize it again, even if you unplug it from the web.

Do not take this personally, i reside in a nation where it is extremely tough to feed my household, that is precisely why i do this. I did not focus on you, you checked out the wrong web site at the wrong time.

Your time is counting!

Best of luck!



28/09/2018 - 在这一天,我攻击了您的操作系统并完全访问了您的帐户。
 那天您的帐户密码是: 56vmglxti



 但我查看了您经常访问的网站。 你最喜欢的资源令我震惊。

 我想说 - 你是个大变态者。你有一个令人眼花缭乱的幻想!

 结果很棒! 不要犹豫!


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- 不要试图找到并摧毁我的病毒! (您的所有数据都已上传到远程服务器)
- 不要试图联系我(这是不可能的,我通过您的帐户向您发送了此电子邮件)
- 各种安全服务对您没有帮助;格式化磁盘或销毁设备也无济于事,因为您的数据已经在远程服务器上。





Do not be impressed: do not answer! And if there is an attachment, do not open it!

Besides, do not open any attachment whose email seems suspicious.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of signals that should alert you when you receive a suspicious email:

  •     The sender is unknown to you;
  •     The object is amazing;
  •     The text is full of mistakes;
  •     The text invites you to click on an attachment;
  •     The name of the attachment is amazing;

... and here are some reflexes that you must have:

  •     Never respond to spam; not to give in to the offers contained therein;
  •     Systematically delete all unsolicited or unwanted mails;
  •     Do not broadcast your email address anywhere;
  •     Have multiple email addresses; For example: an address for official organizations, an address for friends, an address for subscriptions, etc.
  •     Use a good spam filter;
  •     Do not have a blind trust in the name of the sender;
  •     Be wary of attachments;
  •     Never respond to a request for confidential information;
  •     Hover the mouse over the links to check the actual link address;
  •     In the text, pay attention to the accented characters and the quality of the language practiced by the interlocutor;
  •     Configure the messaging software correctly (in the security settings options, prohibit the automatic execution of ActiveX, plugins, etc ...)
  •     Look at the header of the email to find out, in particular, where has passed the email before reaching you.



This is an illustration with Microsoft Outlook ...


This is the message header.


For more details, I invite you to consult the links in the appendix, especially the website of ALINTO (e-mail specialist) who, in his blog called "demain la messagerie", gives some good advice to protect against spam.


How is it possible for some spam emails to pass the spam filters?

Spam filters are increasingly sophisticated but can not be 100% effective because some spammers exploit the security vulnerabilities of some legitimate servers, and impersonate them. So, for example, your mail server thinks it is dealing with a legitimate server ... until it is blacklisted because of the many spam that pass through it.


You can act.

Indeed, you can act easily, because the French government offers a link to a spam control organization allowing anyone to make a report.




An informed surfer is worth two hundreds...


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