Removal of the summertime arrangements: the European Commission wants your opinion. Do not deprive yourself!

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Consulation européenne pour la modification du changement d'heure

European Commission: "Following a number of requests from citizens, from the European Parliament, and from certain EU Member States, the Commission has decided to investigate the functioning of the current EU summertime arrangements and to assess whether or not they should be changed.

In this context, the Commission is interested in gathering the views of European citizens, stakeholders and Member States on the current EU summertime arrangements and on any potential change to those arrangements ."


Suppression du changement d'heure


Last February, European parliamentarians asked the European Commission to question the value of maintaining the time change. But the European Commission, unable to decide cautiously, prefers to seek the views of citizens from across the EU.

Here are the main arguments of those who want (Pavel Svoboda) remove the summertime arrangements:

  • Health risk (increased use of tobacco and alcohol, obesity, depression)
  • Road safety (+ 6.5% fatalities during the change of time, according to a US study)
  • No evidential effect on energy saving (initial pretext during implementation)


Editor's note: So, it's better?

Here is what those who want to maintain the summertime arrangements say:

"For seven months, we will have one hour less per day, we will not be able to go on the terraces, less jogging, less quality of life." Suppose we remove the winter time, it is not an option either, because it means that for five months, in the morning, we will have an hour less. For children, cycling to school will become less safe." (Hilde Vautmans)


Editor's note: So, there would be only 23 hours in a day, right?

Here is what those who do not care say:

"One would expect the real problems of people to be approached, but in a completely crazy and rather ridiculous way, we are talking here about the abolition, or not, of the summertime arrangements. (...) And that would mean for the European citizens and Italians a saving of 250,000 euros that we should pay them back for this pointless discussion we are now conducting." (Angelo Ciocca)


Editor's note: 250,000 euros (per hour)!? ... For discussions (were they useless, moreover)? Amaaazing!
Nota Bene: Dear parliamentarians, in case you do not know what to do with the money of European taxpayers, do not hesitate to contact me because I have some ideas.

And you ? Are you in favor of the cancellation of the time change or against the maintenance of the summer time? Whatever your opinion, make your voice heard! Here is the link to the online survey questionnaire, until August 16:


Carte mondiale changement horaire Ete Hiver



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