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As summer approaches, commercial offers are rife, especially at the largest online stores (Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac, etc.) and also among mobile operators. Thus, it is possible to test the different offers, at lower cost. This article is a feedback on current telephony offers, which are not always worth, despite appearances.

The tests of coverage of the network, telephony and data, have been made during a trip from the south-east of France (all the combined zones: sea and hinterland) to Paris and its region, passing by the Futuroscope, and returning south via Lyon.

It is therefore a test on a large sector of the French territory.

On the way back home, we have extended the walk to central Italy. This allowed us to check the new European rules on free roaming: it works well; thank to he European Union.


Here are the different operators, ranked by preference, in my opinion (lambda customer), for the price / quality ratio:




SOSH is the "low cost" of the historic operator. It allows its customers to benefit from the technical infrastructure of FRANCE TELECOM (ORANGE) at a lower cost.

This operator offers the best network coverage.

The hotline is responsive and very kind.

It should be noted that the WEB interface of the "Customer Area" is quite approximate and you get lost, even if you are an experienced user (computer scientist).


Price of the SIM card: 5 euros

NB: It is the least expensive of all; even FREE does not do better!






FREE, it's my favorite, for the different services it offers. However, I rank it second, at this time, because the coverage of the network (essential parameter in mobile telephony) is less efficient than that of SOSH.

But, as everyone knows, it is a little (a lot) thanks to this operator that the prices of the other three French operators have dropped significantly since its arrival.

It should be noted that, as for telephony, FREE (PROXAD) offers remarkable IT services at very low or even free costs ("included in the package") with its products such as the Freebox, for example: reverse IP, DNS, etc., which the other operators were charging a lot for ... when they offered them. It is a small parenthesis, outside telephony, to underline the philosophy of this company.

As for the quality of the hotline, it has improved a lot.

The WEB account management interface is functional and efficient. The services are numerous.


Price of the SIM card: 10 euros

NB: It is impossible to pay the SIM with an e-card (secure virtual credit card) at the moment ... sometimes we can, sometimes we can not ... at the moment it is refused by FREE: it is necessary to use a "physical" credit card. .. and there is no alternative!






I had good feedback for Bouygues telecom. This test have allowed me to have a personal idea about "​​B&You".

The offers seem interesting but are not worth those of SOSH, for example. Indeed, with the SIM of B&YOU, it was almost impossible to use my VPN networks (supervision of my servers via smartphone, remote management of home automation and video surveillance) while it works very well with the SIM of SOSH. By doing a quick search on the Internet, I found that several users had reported this problem. And I confirm it: it is not blocked but it is very slow, when it works.

It was this problem that motivated my immediate termination of the contract. So, all offers are not equal and you do not just have to compare prices.

However, if you do not have special requirements, B&You's offers seem correct, especially the "5 euros a month" ... "and not just the first year", as the ad says.

The coverage of the network is more or less equivalent to that of FREE or SFR. The hotline is hard to reach, even when I tried to call, as requested by B&You in his last email to know my motivations when I closed the account.

It should be noted that the WEB account management interface is remarkable, very clear, refined and efficient.


Price of the SIM card: 10 euros






I have often used SFR services in recent years. And it must be noted that, compared to other operators, there is nothing extraordinary.

The WEB management interface is functional and it has always been.

For the hotline, it depends: some staff members are efficient and courteous, others are incompetent and not always amiable (yet I always remain calm and courteous).

As I said before, the coverage of the network is almost identical to that of FREE or BOUYGUES.

I take this opportunity to salute, once again, and to testify of the remarkable quality of reception of a store SFR at Martigues (in town) which, in 2013, during my passage in this region, implemented everything to effectively solve a problem occurred during use of a SIM card from SFR, even if I had not bought the product in this shop. This is all the more remarkable that another SFR store, located in the AUCHAN shopping center in Martigues, has been much less sensitive to this problem and much less receptive.


Price of the SIM card: 10 euros





In short, this is just an opinion of a lambda client (vulgum pecus) who has done some quick tests.

I hope this experience will be useful to all those who are a bit lost in the offers so abundant that customers can find the offer that suits them: who wants a phone ... just to call, who also wants "a little bit of Internet, to see e-mails ", and even the biggest consumers who want more and more.


Update 2018.08.24

Two technicians who wandered around our area (under video surveillance) with several mobile phones in their hands claimed they were making measurements for SFR. We took the opportunity to share with them the results of our tests. They said that BOUYGUES and SFR share their antennas. We noticed that, to make their measurements, they used sites accessible to all, including et :



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