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Written by MICACCIA Joseph, certified network expert - -, Arborescence

In the series of simple and effective tools, here is a tiny software to find duplicate files.

IdemFilesFinder is a free software for Windows that allows to find duplicate files. It is a system optimization tool, easy to use, and free.

It has a fast search algorithm to find duplicates of any file type. Before activation of the search process, you can freely choose the files extensions (comma delimited list) as mp3, jpg, mov, pdf, doc, xls...

After getting results you can select the duplicate files you want to delete. Also, the program can export the list to CSV or XML format.

IdemFilesFinder searches for true duplicate files, based on MD5 method, regardless of file name (byte-to-byte comparison), which ensures 100% accuracy. So,even if they are renamed, only the true duplicate file will be shown in the result windows.

The program runs very fast. You can delete the duplicate files easily by selecting desired option from the result window.

To recover valuable disk space, IdemFilesFinder can select automatically the duplicate files to delete, or you can select them manually. A confirmation message is shown before deletion, for security purpose.

During the search process, it shows the remaining time, which is updated in real time. This is useful for searches on big disks.

The program doesn't require installation and comes for various OS versions (WINDOWS XP and above).

Nous tenons à remercier toutes celles et ceux qui utilisent IdemFilesFinder et en particulier Mihaela Teodorovici qui a eu la gentillesse de rédiger un article sur SoftPedia.

We would like to thank all those who use IdemFilesFinder and in particular Mihaela Teodorovici who was kind enough to write an article on SoftPedia.

Ringraziamo tutti coloro che utilizzano IdemFilesFinder soprattutto Mihaela Teodorovici che è stato così gentile da scrivere un articolo su SoftPedia.

Le multumim tuturor celor care folosesc IdemFilesFinder in special Mihaela Teodorovici, care a avut amabilitatea de a scrie un articol in SoftPedia.


UPDATE (VERSION 3.5) : Now, IdemFilesFinder can compare several directories at a time.
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