Give (easily) a second life to your computer!

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CRUCIAL transfer

Has your old computer gotten so slow that it's painful to use? Don't throw it away! It can still be used.
Indeed, you can give it a second youth, simply by changing the hard drive. Because, if it is still equipped with a mechanical disk, it suffices to replace it with an SSD. It will change your life ... without breaking the bank!

The prices of SSDs have fallen so much that it would be a shame to go without. It is very easy, even for a neophyte. Just buy, for a handful of dollars, an SSD from your favorite supplier (AMAZON, EBAY or elsewhere) and transfer the files from the old storage medium (mechanical disk, Hard Disk Drive) to the new one SSD storage.


Transfert SSD


All it takes is an SSD ...




... and, incidentally, a USB cable for data transfer like the one in the figure below, for example ...



... as well as the transfer software. If you buy your SSD from crucial, the ACRONIS transfer software is free to download, but only works with CRUCIAL disks because it is a free version of ACRONIS, limited and dedicated only to "cloning" CRUCIAL SSD. This software is very easy to use: you launch the program and you do ... next, next, next ...

I would like to point out that I have no action at CRUCIAL (*) but I enjoy giving them good publicity because CRUCIAL products are efficient.

It is not necessary to be a seasoned computer scientist to do this manipulation (**). Because, on the CRUCIAL site, it has all the useful documentation and even several videos ... as on YOUTUBE where, there too, you will probably find a video showing the change of HDD of a computer whose model is strictly identical to the your.

And There you go ! Now your PC is almost a bomb. And if it is not powerful enough for video games, it will be useful for office automation or simply for browsing the Internet.


(*) and I haven't received any gift from CRUCIAL either ... not yet ... at this time ;-)

(**) even me, I succeeded ;-)




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