Easy and efficient file backup with RoboCopy

Written by Joseph MICACCIA, certified network expert - -
Robocopy description

Among the files that accumulate hard drives, there are many photos and videos.

Users do not always think of making a backup ... until the day the disk crashes.


There are loads of software for backups, more or less sophisticated, more or less effective, more or less expensive.

Those who are satisfied with a basic system (simple but nevertheless rigorous and effective copy) can use ROBOCOPY, a small and powerful utility of Microsoft. Its use is easy.


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Here is the syntax of this tool: Robocopy <Source><Destination>[<File> [...]] [<Options>]


Example: Robocopy "s:\my important files" "t:\save\my important files" /s


NB: the quotation marks are optional ... useful if there are spaces in the path of the file. The "s" parameter is used to copy the subdirectories. There are many other parameters. For a complete description of all the optional parameters, I invite you to consult, on the site of Microsoft, the page dedicated to ROBOCOPY.


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