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To search for software, you only need to visit one or the other of the countless software publishing websites. For a long time, I wanted a search engine to quickly find softwares. Finally, I did it myself as soon as I had a little time ... Digitally yours !

This article is a continuation of the previous article: I share a website that I made for my personal needs during recent rainy weekends (yes, it also rains on the French Rivierra ... sometimes). I put it in free access from the Internet for those interested.

This is an inventory of all software published by different publishers. Via an ergonomic interface, you can easily select the desired software, using a wide range of filters for the search criteria. There is also a graphic version, allowing to refine the choice with another approach, by successive selections.

Here are the access links:

  • The standard version, with tables and a multitude of filters to select what you are looking for.
  • The graphic version, with pie charts, allows another form of selection, by successive approaches.

It is possible to switch from one version to another by using the following links:



"Standard" version (

Just check the desired filters to narrow the list of the many softwares:



NB: the "language" filter is used to select softwares that are translated into, at least, one of the languages chosen (checkboxes checked). If no box in a filter is checked, the filter is automatically disabled. In addition, there is a button to report inappropriate content, especially for foreign language descriptions. If you find an abuse, please report it.



"Graphic" version (

The selection is made using several successive pie charts. In the first pie chart, by clicking on the desired sector, you first select the type (freeware, shareware, demo ...). Then another pie chart appears with the different categories (communication, education, development, etc.). The third pie chart allows you to select the subcategory ... until you have a list of the softwares available in the desired area. Each software has a detailed description, written by its author, in several languages when the publisher proposes it.



Among the functionalities, it should be noted the presence of a "breadcrumb" menu allowing direct access to the different sections, as shown in the following figure:



The inventory is updated automatically every day: as soon as new software is available, it is inventoried automatically and labeled with the "new" icon.




Thus, now we have another website to find software ... one more ... a website with search engine ...


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