Certified Stormshield Network Expert, I am...

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Certified Stormshield Network Expert, I am...

The Certified Stormshield Network Expert (CSNE) certification attests to the advanced features of Stormshield Network Security (SNS) firewalls. In particular, it makes it possible to evaluate the candidate's ability to configure all the features of an SNS firewall in a computer network in order to ensure the security and integrity against internal and external attacks.

This article is a continuation of the article "Certified StormShield Network Administrator, I am...".




The Certified Stormshield Network Expert (CSNE) is the highest level of Certified Stormshield Network Administrator (CSNA) certification. CSNE training and certification is only available to CSNA holders.



Arkoon and Netasq, wholly-owned subsidiaries of Airbus Defense and Space CyberSecurity, operate the Stormshield brand and offer innovative end-to-end security solutions in France and internationally to protect networks (Stormshield Network Security ), workstations (Stormshield Endpoint Security) and data (Stormshield Data Security). The various Arkoon and Netasq products are now marketed under the common Stormshield brand.


These next-generation trusted solutions, certified at the highest European level (EU RESTRICTED, NATO and ANSSI EAL4 +), protect strategic information and are deployed through a network of distribution partners, integrators and operators in companies of all sizes, government institutions and defense organizations all over the world.



Stormshield won four security visas from ANSSI (National Agency for Security Information Systems):

Guillaume Poupard, Directeur Général de l'ANSSI, lors du discours d'ouverture de la cérémonie (source)

Éric Hohbauer, Vice-Président Sales Stormshield, aux côtés de Mounir Mahjoubi, Secrétaire d'État auprès du Premier ministre, chargé du Numérique




European leader in the security of digital infrastructures, Stormshield offers communicating and intelligent solutions to anticipate attacks and protect digital infrastructures.

Here is the content of the Certified Stormshield Network Administrator (CSNA) course:

Curriculum and certifications

Presentation of the company and the products

    Stormshield Overview
    Stormshield Data Security
    Stormshield Endpoint Security
    Stormshield Network Security
    Standard and optional functions

Getting started with the firewall

    Firewall registration on the Stormshield customer area
    Start / Stop / Reset
    Firewall connection
    Installation wizard
    The administration interface
    The dashboard
    System configuration
    Changing the password of the account "admin"

Logs and monitoring

    The categories of traces
    Local storage of traces
    Audit logs
    Supervision and historical graphics
    Stormshield Network Administration Suite
    Syslog, SVC, email notifications and reports


    Network Objects

Network configuration

    Configuration modes
    Types of interfaces
    System Routing
    Advanced routing
    Scheduling of routing types

Address Translation

    Dynamic translation
    Static translation by port
    Static translation
    "NAT" menu
    Order of application of NAT rules


    The notion of "stateful"
    The scheduling of filtering and translation rules
    Filtering menus
    The consistency and conformity analyzer

Application protection

    URL filtering
    SMTP and antispam filtering
    Antiviral analysis
    Breach Fighter Analysis
    Intrusion prevention and safety inspection

Users & authentication

    User directories
    Set up an external directory
    Configure an internal LDAP directory
    User Management
    Authentication methods
    The authentication policy
    The captive portal
    User enlistment
    LDAP authentication via the captive portal
    Define new administrators


    The different virtual private networks
    IPsec VPN - Concepts and generalities
    IPsec VPN - Configuring a site-to-site tunnel
    IPSec VPN - Configuring Multiple Site-to-Site Tunnels
    IPsec VPN - Virtual Tunneling Interface


    Concepts and generalities
    Implementation of a tunnel


    LAB 1: Getting Started with the Firewall
    LAB 2: The Objects
    LAB 3: Network Configuration
    LAB 4: Address Translation
    LAB 5: Filtering
    LAB 6: Content Filtering (HTTP)
    LAB 7: Authentication
    LAB 8: IPsec VPN (site-to-site)
    LAB 9: SSL VPN

Here is the content of the training "Certified Stormshield Network Expert" (CSNE)

Intrusion prevention

    The Stormshield Network Intrusion Prevention Engine
    IP protocol analysis
    Protocol analysis on the transport layer
    Application analysis
    Contextual analysis
    Protocol and application profiles
    Stormshield Network Vulnerability Manager
    Modes of inspection

Public Key Infrastructure

    What is cryptography?
    The types of encryption
    Infrastructures with public keys
    PKI Stormshield Network
    Creating a certificate authority
    Creating a server certificate
    Creating a user certificate
    Revocation of certificates and CRL

SSL Proxy

    Examples of use

Advanced IPSec VPN

    NAT- Traversal
    Dead Peer Detection (DPD) Liveliness
    Star / chaining
    NAT in IPsec
    Site-to-site with certificates from several authorities
    Site-to-site with certificates from a single authority
    Site-by-certificate site with peer definition id = subject
    Nomad by certificate
    Nomad: xauth mode (IKEv1 only)
    Nomad: hybrid mode (IKEv1 only)
    Nomad: config mode
    IPSec Failover

GRE and GRETAP Tunnels

    GRE Tunnel
    GRETAP Tunnel

Transparent authentication

    SSL Certificate
    SSO agent (single sign-on)

High availability

    Principle of operation
    Create a Cluster
    Join a Cluster
    The "high availability" menus
    High Availability Monitoring


    Architecture diagram
    LAB 1: Basics of configuration
    LAB 2: Stateful tracking in a routed environment
    LAB 3: Configuring NAT Objects and Policy
    LAB 4: Event of application protocols
    LAB 5: PKI
    LAB 6: SSL Proxy
    LAB 7: IPSec VPN with Certificates
    LAB 8: GRE and GRETAP Tunnels
    LAB 9: Transparent authentication by certificate
    LAB 10: High Availability



In the article "Cyberattack ... still alive!" was reported how we coped with a terrible cyberattack a few months ago. And that was before I was certified "Network Expert"! Now it's official: the pirates just have to stand ... Here is Verdun (*): we do not pass ;-)


(*) Encart culturel : Verdun (55100)


La ville de Verdun s’est autoproclamée Capitale Mondiale de la paix en 1966. Les présidents Mitterrand et Kohl s’y sont tenu la main en 1984.

François Mitterrand (à gauche) et Helmut Kohl, le 22 septembre 1984, à Douaumont (Meuse), près de Verdun. (source)


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