Arduino, a formidable Open-Source prototyping platform

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Arduino Open Source Community

Arduino takes its name from the "Bar di Re Arduino", meeting place of the designers of the map, in Ivrea, Italy, near Turin. Arduino is an open source electronic platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software.

Here is the Arduino dream team:

David Cuartielles, Gianluca Martino, Tom Igoe, David Mellis, and Massimo Banzi


Arduino boards are composed of an easily programmable microcontroller and have a multitude of inputs and outputs. There are several models of Arduino boards, more or less powerful, to choose according to the needs. All Arduino boards are programmable in C ++ language, using open source programming software, downloadable from the Arduino website.

Arduino is an excellent product for initiation to electronics and programming. It's very easy, even for children. There are very complete packs. Indeed, by associating an Arduino board with some sensors, everyone is able to make amazing montages, with an incredible ease. It's awesome !



And there are packs for a few euros, like the pack "MEGA 2560 PROJECT" from ELEGOO, which is currently on sale (63%!) on the website of Amazon. This pack is particularly neat and it is composed of a plethora of sensors to satisfy everyone.



Just make a montage and load the corresponding program: that's it! For example, you can create a proximity detector with ultrasonic cells ... and see how far the obstacles pass in front of the sensors.



Or, you can make a small electronic lock that lights an LED (or activates a relay) if the code is correct.



As far as programming is concerned, it's very simple: for example, here is the relative script of the previous view. It works very well, even if the script is very short. Thus, we can fully understand the operating principle. And if we optimize further, the script can be even shorter. Here, it is mainly a didactic aspect.



We can also make sophisticated montages by adding a network card or a WiFi module, as in the following view. And it's simple to operate, even for children whose parents are neither electronics nor computer scientists. Just read the very detailed documentation that can be found very easily on the Internet.



Arduino is an excellent product to introduce children to new technologies.

To put in all hands, from 7 to 77 years ... and even beyond ;-)

Nota Bene: It's still a good product that has emerged in the Turin area, like Winpcap, the packet analyzer developed by Loris Degioanni in 1999 (politecnico di Torino) in his study "Development of a architecture for packet capture and network traffic analysis ". Winpcap will probably be the subject of an article specifically devoted to the analysis of computer packages because it is on him that is based Wireshark, the most used network protocols analyzer in the world, and open source. In addition, I developed a small software that also relies on Winpcap and will be downloaded for free on this site, for people just want to monitor all the computer flows that transmit on their machines, with clear graphics.

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