A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

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A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

The benefits of reciprocal sharing of knowledge are well established. Moreover, many digital companies support their business model on this base, like GAFAM (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft). And if digital has grown so much in a few years, it's probably thanks to the sharing of knowledge, even before data sharing.

You need to know how to install a WEB server? ... Or how to change the oil of your car? ... Or how to make the cuttings in your garden? To know everything, the first reflex is to turn to the Internet. There are plenty of cool tutorials, with explanations or clear and detailed videos. And there are also structures for sharing such as SEL (Local Exchange Systems) and RERS (Networks of Exchange Reciprocal Knowledge) to which even adheres LA POSTE.


This is the time that wants it, it's trendy: carpool, coworking or even ... colunching ... or skilltroc...



To put the human in the center of concern, so that everyone has the satisfaction of giving something to others and, at the same time, to himself. It creates a source of universal wealth because it works both ways: you teach someone and you learn from someone. Thus, each individual can be sometimes transmitter, sometimes receiver. He enriches himself with the knowledge of others, he enriches others by sharing his knowledge and he enriches himself, because to transmit his knowledge, we must build, structure his thinking. In fact, it has been noted that children in school trouble are making considerable progress when asked to help younger children. And one of Albert Einstein's many quotes makes sense here: "If you can not explain a concept to a six-year-old, it's because you do not fully understand it."


This is true regardless of any religious or philosophical considerations and leads to mutual aid, an effective lever for creating synergies. It is the end of the time when, for example, stonecutters passed on the secrets of the trade, from father to son.Today, even the greatest cooks share their best tips and tricks, organizing small groups to learn informally and friendly.


And even the biggest companies do that, such as MICROSOFT, wich has transmitted 60,000 patents to the Open Innovation Network, a patent-sharing organization.

Thus, by the Internet vector, this reservoir of shared knowledge becomes every day more gigantic, powered by all those who wish, anonymous ... or famous persons such as  famous as Thomas Pesquet, who was kind enough to share via the networks social photos he made from space.


Source: Thomas Pesquet


Source: Thomas Pesquet


Let's hope it is not a fashion, by definition ephemeral.



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